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Use our Songdo free AI Song Generator to make songs from text in seconds. Transform your creative ideas into harmonious compositions effortlessly.

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Describe the style of music you want(e.g., 'acoustic pop'). AI models do not recognize artists' names, but do understand genres and vibes.
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Text to Song

Just enter a few simple words, and our AI Song Generator will make a beautiful, melodious song for you. You don't need any expertise in music theory, melody creation, instrument playing, arrangement, recording, or even lyric writing.

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Make a song for someone

With Songdo AI Song Generator, you can easily make a song as a gift for kids, girlfriend, husband, wife, mother,father...

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How to Use AI Song Generator?


Input Your Idea

Just enter keywords, phrases, or sentences that describe the song you want.


Generate Your Song

Click the “Generate” button, and within seconds, let AI transform your text into a unique song.


Listen and Download

You can listen to your song online or download the MP3 to any of your devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

AI Song Generator is an advanced online AI tool designed to create beautiful, melodious songs from text. You can generate songs by customizing lyrics and music styles .You can generate songs by customizing lyrics and music styles, or create music by inputting simple words, phrases, or sentences.
The AI Song Generator offers a limited number of free song generation services. You can visit our website anytime to generate songs for free.
It supports Blues, Classical, Rock, Pop, EDM, Funk, Instrumental, Metal, Jazz, Rap, and other music styles. You can choose from a variety of music styles according to your needs.
Yes, you can download the generated songs in MP3 format.